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Meet the best Early-stage Companies from the SEE Region that will take part in the Startup Competition

Following an intense evaluation process by the BkVF selection committee, we are happy to come to you with the awesome news that the selection process is over and the participating startups are just a few rows of text away from you! We went through an extensive amount of fantastic ideas and presentations and we are ready to share with you the most promising startups for the upcoming edition of our Balkan Venture Forum happening on December 3-4.

Without further ado, check out what we’ve picked:

Budo Finder

Budo Finder

Building the most vibrant Martial Arts community

Budo Finder is a community marketplace for martial arts. We are revolutionizing the world of traditional martial arts by providing a new way to discover people, places, events, and suppliers. We are global and fast growing – 70,000 unique visitors in October, from 60 countries, 400% 3-month growth.

Intelligent Commerce

Artificial Intelligence for Your Online Store

This platform helps small business owners launch their uniquely designed online store within 15 minutes or less without complicated usage and any knowledge of design. Once online shop is launched or transferred to IntelligentCommerce, it will connect to the network and start using artificial intelligence in order to learn from users and evolve to increase sales.


Homey App for Families

Get everyone in your family doing their chores!

Homey is for families, who are dissatisfied with using paper charts and sticky notes on their fridge for organizing and assigning chores. The market is huge, but we’re focusing on wealthy USA families, where we already got traction without any marketing costs (6000 moms from USA follow us on Instagram, and we have 500 families from USA signed up for beta). So many families fight about chores, and we’re here to solve this.



Studio Rebus develops connected technologies to address the effects of stress on brain health and performance. Our purpose is to increase people’s awareness about stress and stress related healthcare issues and to provide them with adequate solutions.




Bring digital marketing to personal level and create emotional connection between companies and their users. Pointme is a system that creates custom made apps for brands and digital marketing agencies which will more engage and involve their users.

Smart Optometry


Smart up your vision!

Smart Optometry application is an interactive smartphone and tablet application for eye screening and quick diagnosis. First of its kind – it provides eye-care practitioners with a simple to use, fast, precise and interactive experience. Smart Optometry brings freshness and innovation to the eye-care profession.

Content Creator App

logo.png  186×72

Unleash creativity and design beautiful social media content with the super easy, step-by-step editor and pre-made templates.

Take a photo and create social media and mobile ads, content or cover photo faster than you can boot up laptop and Photoshop.



Find & Book andwellness treatments!

Not many industries are still offline. One of them is the Beauty treatment industry in East Europe. Harmonia is like for Beauty treatments (massage salons, beauty salons, hairdressers). We have traction in Ljubljana, Slovenia and we are prepared to expand to East Europe to seize the opportunity.


Ultijack is an ultimate gadget jacket for outdoor experience .It has an incorporation of new tehnology in it ,and a bag , an it is multifunctional. Designed for making life easier.



Travel community for people with disabilities. is a travel advisor for people with disabilities that offers services for a greatly underserved niche market of 300 million travelers worldwide, who always travel with their companions and spend more than able-bodied visitors on average, yet still struggle to find confirmed information about real accessibility of desired destinations.


The new oral formulation of drug (Pharmaceutical composition – PC) providing controlled and site specific drug release was developed. This invention overcomes problems of uncontrolled and unacceptable administration of drug. Our solution is better compared to existing formulations. It enables controlled concentration of drug in blood.


OpfolioOpfolio is an automated investment tool for individual and institutional investors that easily analyze and create optimal portfolio for you, your company or your clients. Unlike other robo-adviser tools who allocate client funds to ETFs or index funds, Opfolio personalized asset allocation plan specifically for you.

Hospital Cube

PrintIntegrated IT business systems on measure

The company’s key innovation and 1st such solution on Croatian territory. Award winning intelligent appliance for storing and dispensing medications under controlled conditions. An improved system as a step toward the standardization and adoption of normative healthcare standards. Also, device can be applied as innovative standalone mini-pharmacy placed on hot-spot locations for purchase of OTC medications.



 Take your style to the next level!

Can’t decide what to wear, buy or you simply want to know how something looks on you? Let the whole world be your fashion adviser! In a matter of seconds you can get an objective rating based on other users’ anonymous on what looks good on you. Snap a photo of yourself wearing the clothes you want rated, post it and get an instant result!


Canelio   Dog training app you will loveDog Training Revolution

Of 92 million dog owners in the US, 13 million are currently training using non-smart clickers. We believe only mechanical is not good enough so we created Canelio clicker: the first smart dog training device, and accompanying platform. We took a product already used and sold globally and reinvented it.


Scaffolder    code smarter  not harderCODE SMARTER NOT HARDER

Scaffolder is a software production service with full ADLM process support, available as a flexible pay as you go model also called Application as a Service or AaaS.


vendotel   Smart City at your serviceSmart City at your service

Vendotel is the first operator of a smart city platform based on a self-service kiosk network. €4.5M private investment in R&D. 200+ kiosks sold, that generated €11M turnover to clients in three years. Started roll-out of a 2000+ device network in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria, to be operated by Vendotel. Raising a growth stage investment to become the global digital platform for convergent self-service kiosks.

Moj budget


Take control over your personal finances

Research shows that 76% of the population lives from paycheck to paycheck and do not have access to valuable guidelines from real finance assistant. Our solution to this problem is a intelligent personal finance assistant who will show them how to stop living from paycheck to paycheck and how to reduce their expenses up to 20%.



Troubleshooting tool for predictive and preventive maintenance of industrial and utility production lines run by electric motors.


mobileoneBe visible.

MOBILEone is a non-expensive, user created mobile app. No programming is needed. Easily manage your content. Connect it with other MOBILEone applications and create your own business social network. Your content – such as news, events, adverts, donations or sales – can be shared to your network.


Venture and equity capital have been hot topics in this region recently and Southeastern Europe is no stranger in innovation in technology, energy and science. With this in mind, Balkan Unlimited first kickstarted a long-term commitment to exploring investment and financing opportunities in this region with the Balkan Venture Forum in Skopje earlier this year. We are now ready for the next step in that commitment and we believe the region is as well, so we have organized the Balkan Venture Forum in Belgrade, which will take place at Belgrade’s Hotel Metropol Palace on November 22-23.

The Venue

The venue itself speaks volumes of the investment potential in this region. The recently renovated Hotel Metropol Palace is a famous downtown Belgrade landmark and has now reopened its doors to guests and gatherings like the Balkan Venture Forum. A combination of that old European feel so familiar to many and the modern, bustling, growing environment that Southeastern European cities are today, Hotel Metropol Palace presents the perfect backdrop to the Balkan Venture Forum and we thank them for welcoming us and our guests.


For special rates and terms for the guests of BkVF, please contact Hotel Metropol Palace or download the booking form here in PDF and email it directly to While we highly recommend staying at Hotel Metropol Palace during the Balkan Venture Forum, feel free to get in touch with us for other accommodation recommendations or assistance.

Why Attend?

The Balkan Venture Forum in Belgrade will gather over 40 investors and a total of over 70 expert speakers. Aside from two days of panels and discussions on the subjects of the current state of the market, global market demand, advice on developing ideas, projects and companies, and successful preparation for investment opportunities and implementation, guests and participants will also have the rare opportunity for one-on-one meetings, practical advice and solutions, not to mention good times to be had during the conference.

Please take a minute to view the programme and other details of the Balkan Venture Forum around our site and we hope to see you at Hotel Metropol Palace in Belgrade on November 22-23. Welcome to the Balkan Venture Forum!